Welcome to Living in Puerto Rico, a website with everything you need to know about travel, moving to Puerto Rico and enjoying the magic this beautiful island has to offer.

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Why did we create Living in Puerto Rico?

We started Living in Puerto Rico to help people like ourselves, who moved from the U.S. to make Puerto Rico our home, make their way through the process. Along the way, we are happy to share our travel experiences, insider tips and insight.

During our move, we found the lack of information online was frustrating and often misleading. Simple things like shopping, finding a restaurant and using GPS were difficult. After buying a car, applying for Tax Act 20 & Tax Act 22 status, starting a new business and hiring employees, we feel we’ve been through a lot!

Within 6 months of moving to Puerto Rico, we moved 3 times (with a toddler, cat and dog in tow). We learned a lot along the way, and eventually settled in an amazing spot on the East coast: Palmas Del Mar.

Now we have a great routine, amazing new friends and are part of a community we love. Puerto Rico is growing in many ways and we are so EXCITED to be a part of it.

What is this site about?

Please browse the articles in our Puerto Rico Moving Guide and look for our upcoming Ebook on the subject. Check our Travel Guide if you are visiting and looking for great places to visit and first-hand experiences. If you are interested in the tax benefits Puerto Rico has to offer through Act 20, Act 22 and Act 271, we have a lot of great information about navigating through the process. For general information like weather, time zone and other basics, check out the resources section. The Event Listings and Calendar will show you what’s happening on the island.

Thank you for visiting and PLEASE contact us anytime if you have questions. We love meeting our readers and helping people make the transition to Living in Puerto Rico!

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