5 of The Best Places to Visit in Puerto Rico

places to visit in Puerto Rico

If you’re new in Puerto Rico or have just recently relocated the whole family, you’ll discover a great many places you and the kids will enjoy seeing and experiencing. Puerto Rico, after all, has been known world-wide to be a tropical island paradise with modern, cosmopolitan cities that teem with a distinct, fascinating Spanish aura. It’s hard to pick out only a few of the best places to visit in Puerto Rico, but we gave it a try.

Its Castillian heritage is evidenced not only by the dominantly Spanish-speaking, always-friendly Puerto Ricanos, but as well, by the archaic castle-like forts you’ll find in Old San Juan, the island’s capital. It is here you just might get awed by El Morro and Castillo San Cristobal, two centuries-old brick-bastions built by the Spanish conquistadors to protect their forces in the 16th century.

This is also where your kids could very well live out their “Pirates of the high seas” fantasies as they explore with excitement the tunnels and passageways, turrets and cannons of these ancient fortresses. El Morro also has its own grassy slopes where kids usually enjoy some wonderful kite-flying amidst a wide backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean.

More of the Best Places to  Visit in Puerto Rico are:

  1. CULEBRA – This is a gorgeous, postcard-like island on the eastern coast of Puerto Rico. A favorite weekend tourist destination of the city dwellers and foreigners alike, it’s got one of the most enthralling beaches in the world, Flamenco Beach, made even more so because commercial development has been strictly regulated owing to its protective status.
  2. PONCE – It’s a colonial port city that is probably the most culturally-oriented place in Puerto Rico. It’s has a small-town, sort of laid-back feel to it. In Ponce, there are more parks than any other city in Puerto Rico. In fact, they’ve have the only senior citizens park on the island. Its Plaza las Delicias is beautifully landscaped.Be aware, however, that the economy has affected Ponce in recent years. You’ll find boarded up stores, few restaurants and LOTS of dollar stores selling Chinese goods. A trip to the wharf, with its rows of food kioskos is better than the Plaza.
  3. EL YUNQUE NATIONAL FOREST – This is a 28,000 acre preserve known to be the only tropical rain forest in the US forest system. One of the activity highlights here would be finding a COQUI, a small but loud-croaking tropical frog or watching the elusive Puerto Rican parrot in all its majestic colors. Should you or the kids feel like working out a sweat, you might try climbing the Yokahu Stone Tower and then splashing around in the waterfalls.
  4. GUANICA is in Puerto Rico’s southwest corner where you can have a perfect get-away and enjoy the smooth Caribbean breeze. It has fantastic swimming and water sports the kids will go nuts about, especially after a short boat ride to what is popularly known as Gilligan’s Island, a tiny islet with silk-like white sand beach and where guests and visitors just go about snorkeling, picnicking or just enjoying a dip in the aqua-colored waters. 

Puerto Rico is an exciting fun place for you and your family to enjoy. There are plenty other places, sights and sounds to explore. They just happen to be too numerous to talk about in this small space. But who knows? Perhaps that’s where the greater fun is … in discovering Puerto Rico for yourself.

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