28 of the Best Private Schools in Puerto Rico (2016 update)

best schools puerto rico

If you’re moving to Puerto Rico with kids or already live here, great chances are you’d not only want the best education for your children, but one that’s affordable and an easy transition for your child. Puerto Rico boasts a 94% literacy rate and some of the highest college rates in the world. Education is given top priority on the island so much so that this sector receives 40% of budget spending, though much of that doesn’t actually go to the schools. 

There are over 44 universities, 1530 public schools and 570 private schools, with most located in the capital, San Juan. The primary language in most schools is Spanish, with some institutions offering English as a primary language and many that are bilingual. Public schools are free for the residents of Puerto Rico, but vary greatly in quality. They also are predominantly Spanish speaking which can be a difficult transition for kids coming from the U.S.

Below your will find a long list of the best private schools in Puerto Rico (in alphabetical order). Do you have a top school that you would like to add to the list? Please comment in the section below.

General school stats:

  • The school term starts in August through mid-December and January through late May.
  • Puerto Rico is the #25 largest school system in the United States.
  • There are 23 special education schools.
  • The student:teacher ratio of 13:1 is less than the 14:1 national average.

Source: http://www.publicschoolreview.com/

The Best Private Schools

Academia Menonita Located on the outskirts of San Juan, in Guaynabo, this school was founded in the Mennonite doctrine. It teaches in English with an emphasis on Spanish arts and spiritual teachings.

Academia Perpetuo Socorro – If you’re looking for a private school, Perpetuo Socorro in the Miramar neighborhood is a great institution to investigate. Founded in 1921, this bilingual Catholic school offers a varied mix of courses including English, Spanish, math, science, religion, music and math. They offer elementary as well as secondary school courses and admissions begin February 11th to April 14, 2015.  Yearly tuition runs between $7,500 and $9,000.

Baldwin SchoolEnglish is the primary language of the Baldwin school, which offers education from PPK all the way up to 12th grade. Set on a sprawling 23 acre campus, this English language day school is located in the greater San Juan metropolitan area and boasts impressive facilities such as a swimming pool, tennis courts, outdoor courts, field house, visual and performing arts center and is even certified as a national wildlife habitat. This excellent school is known to be the most expensive on the island.

CIMATEC — This unique school located in Caguas, promotes a love of science, math and technology and preps students for careers in those fields. It has gained prestige internationally in a short period of time (founded in 2008) and positioned itself as a leader in college placement for those fields. 

Colegio Católico Notre Dame — Notre Dame is the largest private school in Puerto Rico, with several campuses in Caguas. Classes are offered from pre-kindergarten through high school. This Catholic school, established in 1916, has programs focusing on science and math with a wide range of extracurricular activities available.  Tuition prices and fair and students regularly receive top scores in college admission tests. 

Colegio San Antonio (CSA) — Founded in 1928, this Catholic bilingual school offers classes to pre-kindergarten through 12th grade. It’s focus is to prepare students for college with a solid academic foundation with knowledge of the arts, technology and a wide variety of electives and extracurricular activities. 

Colegio San Felipe – Lovated in the Arecibo area, this Catholic school is one of the oldest private schools in Puerto Rico, celebrating their 8oth anniversary. It is one of the first schools to receive Middle State Association the accreditation of the outside of the U.S.

Colegio San Ignacio – This bilingual school in the San Juan area offers classes from 7th to 12th grades. It’s a boys-only school in Rio Piedras with top reviews. Tuition runs above $9,000.

Colegio San José – This Catholic school for boys in Rio Piedras has a mission to develop capable, responsible Christian leaders. This is a bilingual school offers classes to boys from 7th to 12th grades and is afford-ably priced.

Colegio Marista Guaynabo – A private Catholic school in Puerto Rico which began in 1963 with excellent facilities and a focus on a constructivist and humanist education. Awarded the Iberoamerican Educational Excellence Award in 2013. Tuition ranges between $8,000 and $9,000.

Commonwealth-Parkville School (CPS), has two campuses. The Commonwealth Campus in Hato Rey teaches 7th – 12th grade and the Parkville Campus in Guaynabo teaches PPK – 6th. This English-teaching school aims to be on the cutting-edge of education. Founded in 1952, this non-profit school with an award-winning science program and state of the art facilities. Tuition is about $10,000 yearly.

Cupeyville School is a quality English-instruction college-preparatory from PPK to 12th grade.   Providing academic excellence since 1963, Cupeyville School is a non-sectarian and co-educational school with a multicultural student community.  Cupeyville School’s student population is approximately 1,200 students and employs a combined faculty and administrative staff of approximately 135 members.  Cupeyville School recognizes the multiple learning styles and needs of its students, thereby offering Regular, Honors and Advance Placement curriculum as well as an integrated Bridges Program for students with mild learning disabilities.

Dorado Academy – Located in the prestigious community of Dorado on Puerto Rico’s northern coast, the Dorado Academy offers classes to boys and girls from Pre-Kinder through 12th grade. This coveted school has a high tuition with an admittance fee of over $4000 just to enroll.

Episcopal Cathedral School — Founded in 1946, this school, located in Santurce, is well known for academic excellence utilizing modern and innovative teaching methods combined with traditional practices. Its students consistently place well in college entrance tests with international college placement. 

Palmas Academy – Located in the pristine resort area of Palmas Del Mar on the East end of the island, the Palmas Academy is an English language school with an emphasis on Science and Math in its curriculum and advanced biology, computer and science labs. Tuition and fees run between $5,000 and $8,000.

Robinson SchoolThe only English-language school with a boarding school in Puerto Rico, Robinson is backed by a vibrant history of over 100 years and is tucked away in the Condado area of San Juan. Robinson’s boarding school offers small class sizes and education that prepares kids for college. This English language boarding school in Puerto Rico teaches Spanish at all levels, and is accredited by the NCAA. Founded in 1902, they are PPK-12, and on their way to becoming the Island’s first International Baccalaureate School.

St. Johns SchoolOpened in 1915. St. Johns is one of the best English language schools in Puerto Rico and is renowned for its excellent quality of education. Located in the San Juan area, St. John’s offers small class sizes and provides instruction in English at every scholastic level.  Yearly tuition ranges above $9,000.

St. Mary’s School — Also well-known on the island, St. Mary’s School was established in 1987. This bilingual school offers a top level, modern curriculum and teaching methods in preschool  through 12th. St. Mary’s values critical and creative thinking, and utilizes the latest innovations and technologies in their classrooms. 

Southwestern Educational Society (SESO) — Located in Mayaguez and established in 1973, SESO has an English immersion program to foster bilingualism in its students. This college preparatory school utilizes flexible and modern teaching methods and focuses on preparing students for top college placement in a variety of subjects. 

TASIS in Dorado – Making it to this list of top private schools in Puerto Rico is none other than TASIS in Dorado. This school offers instruction primarily in English and is affiliated with the American School in Switzerland. Located in Dorado, Puerto Rico, TASIS Dorado not only offers high quality education, but boasts some of the best physical facilities in the country, all tucked away neatly in natural surroundings. The school offers education for pre-kindergarten until grade 12.


Additional English and bilingual schools to consider:

The above mentioned are some of the top private schools in Puerto Rico that offer a high level of education.

Do you have another school to add to the list or an experience to share? Join the discussion below.


  • Please add my Academy in your list.

  • Would you please list our school. We’re located in city of Carolina.

    Thank you very much.

  • Greineldo Parsa says:

    Aparte de los errores gramaticales y las estadisticas irreales de “alfabetismo” en la isla y la razón maestro(disponible):estudiante(no desertor)… Es bastante informativo.
    Y aunque estoy seguro de que debe ser de las mejores #? de Puerto Rico ¿quien clasificó a UGHS como “bilingüe”?
    ¿Que están considerando como u sistema de educación bilingüe? Y ¿Que estan considerando como alfabetismo, saberse el abecedario e identificar palabras y puntos de acentuación?

  • Academia San Ignacio De Loyola, Río Piedras PR. PK-6th grade is missing!

  • Isabel Lorenzo Brocket says:

    I was quite surprised to not find SESO, Mayaguez listed amongst the top schools.
    Christian Academy in Cabo Rojo is also an excellent school.
    My three children came from English boarding schools and attended one or both of these institutions between 1996 and 2011..
    Whilst many traditions and teaching methods were obviously quite different, i believe the quality of education was excellent.

  • Luz Pérez says:

    Please add Colegio Católico Notre Dame. In 2016 will have 100 years of bringing bilingual education in the Caguas area. It offers programs with emphasis in science and math. Also offers a great variety of extra cirricular activities. It is one of the largest private schools in PR.

    • Luz Perez says:

      Colegio Católico Notre Dame esa founded in 1916. This year we are celebrating our 100th anniversary.
      Please make the correction. Thanks.

  • Carlos Colon says:

    Colegio San Antonio is a great highschool. Extracurriculer activiest, great in sports and has a great art program and its also bilingual

  • Melyved says:

    St. Mary’s School is an excellent bilingual school. Please add to the list.

  • Laura Virella says:

    Colegio Mater Salvatoris

  • Nelsharry says:

    Guamani Private School Guayama
    y el colegio ponceno

  • Hilda T Gonzalez says:

    Colegio San Antonio, Isabela P.R. celebrando pronto 100 años. Con un gran número de Exitosos Egresados, músicos, Cantantes, Artistas, Dirigentes de deportes a nivel internacional, Directores de agencias Gubernamentales, campeones en Deportes a nivel mundial, Catedráticos universitarios, entre otros tantos. Gracias adelantadeas.

  • CIMATEC says:

    Competing with this high ranking school is CIMATEC which only introduced itself around the 2008’s gaining prestigious prizes nationally and internationally too. In such a short period of time it has position itself with the most productive students embarking in the STEM’s career system. Great education and commodities.

  • José Bayoán Santiago Calderón says:

    Colegio San Ignacio de Loyola is not bilingual.*

    The list is missing Colegio Católico Notre Dame de Caguas (Notre Dame High School). Every year it has the top scores in the college admission tests for local universities, great placement in universities in the US and the University of Puerto Rico, and various extracurricular achievements (Chess, Model UN, Robotics, Oratory, Forensics, etc). It also has a much better tuition price than similarly ranked and need-based financial aid.

    Source: Attended both.

    • Andy says:

      I second your comment. My four children are graduates of Notre Dame and one was accepted and graduated from MIT, an indication of Notre Dame’s strong emphasis in math, science, and technology. I think that this listing is a random listing of private schools without any scientific or statistical valuation of standings within the educational community. It is the largest private school on the island.

  • anonimous says:

    es, superior gustavo ruiz es la mejor de pr

  • Enid Valentin says:

    Emadrian bilingual school, the Best.

  • Allan J Gotay Caballero says:

    University High School (UHS) is Public! Also include grades from maternal to high school. I am from 1984 class!

  • J Morales says:

    Hello, what about bilingual colleges in PR? Any suggestions plz? Thanks in advance.

  • Josefina Perez says:

    Col. Evangelico Capitan Correa en Arecibo. Desde kinder a 12mo. Grado.

  • Maria Ivelisse Mercado says:

    Colegio Santa Gema in Carolina is a great choice for students. The academic program is competent, but I have not seen a private school that also develops and encourages them to practice and perform in sports and arts! Always participating in different competitions involving their students at all times. Colegio Santa Gema is a little community, everybody matters!

  • Paola says:

    Saint Francis School has a great curriculum, awesome extracurricular activities and a great sports program.
    It’s located in Carolina, PR.

  • Anonimous says:

    Escuela Especializada en Deportes Eugenio Guerra Cruz

  • Yvonne O'Neal says:

    What happened to Episcopal Cathedral School? I’m surprised that it is not on the list.

  • S. Delgado says:

    Carvin in Carolina is a great school, and is bilingual.

    • N Santana says:

      Carvin School teaches a few english classes at most and that’s about it. Even on those where books are in english, they just speak spanish in class. I don’t think that’s what they mean by bilingual.

  • L says:

    These schools seem to be mostly centered on a specific part of the island. Why not expand the list to cover the breadth of the island?

  • Candice Blake says:

    UHS is actually a public school, not a private institution.

  • mao says:

    Since when University High School and University Gardens are Private Schools?
    They are both public high schools. UHS has very unique admission criteria for the gifted and talented only and it is a top school but is funded by the government. The fees that students pay a year doesn’t make it private.

  • Allison Joyner says:

    Ex-UHS student here… UHS is not a private school. It’s a laboratory school that does not run with the Department of Education of Puerto Rico. Yes, students are very much encouraged to take University courses, on top of all of the courses that are a requirement of each grade. UHS is definitely great training for college workload.

  • Jacqui Stgo says:

    Thomas Alva Edison School in Caguas, from daycare to 12th grade, fully bilingual-HIGHLY recommended

  • Anon says:

    UHS is a public school. My spouse graduated from UHS and it is an excellent school. This school often gets confused as a private school because of it’s rigor.
    As a former educator in Puerto Rico, and someone who has worked at Saint John’s, Baldwin, Cupeyville and the American Military Academy, Cupeyville was far superior in supporting their staff. AMA had the least amount of resources and many educators and staff were not bilingual back in the mid-2000s.

  • José Camacho says:

    Dear Sir/Madam:

    The University High School (UHS) is a public school funded by the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

  • Amarilys says:

    Colegio Nuestra Señora Del Carmen en Trujillo Alto es buenísimo!

  • Sandra Colón says:

    Please add Thomas Alva Edison School (TAES) in Caguas. Excellent bilingual private school with a strong focus on leadership and robotics.
    My two children (10 & 8) speak, read and write perfect English and Spanish.

  • M says:

    Colegio San Antonio de Padua in Rio Piedras and Sacred Heart School (Colegio Sagrado Corazon de Jesus) PK-8 in Rio Piedras (University Gardens). I just heard Cupeyville School went bankrupt.

  • Karol Gisela says:

    Colegio Mater Salvatoris

  • Jose Alameda says:

    Ninguna Montessori ?
    ……..ja , por favor !!

  • Juan Jose Gomez says:

    CIMATEC Caguas . With less than10 years it has all the above !!! …

  • Ivonne Carlo says:

    For an excellent Elementary School and about to turn 70 years old, is Escuela Josefita Monserrate de Sellés or Josefita for short. I kindly request you add this school to your list.

    PPK-6th grade. http://www.facebook.com/escuelajosefita for more information.


  • Hello, Thanks for adding us into your website.

  • Essie says:

    THE PALMAS ACADEMY DOES NOT HAVE A COMPLETE STAFF OF FULLY CERTIFIED TEACHERS. You can check on their website “qualified teachers” because not all teachers are certified. The teachers speak Spanglish, they discriminate against American and military families. When my children were there, they’d make comments like “those military kids brought the lice and influenza here” When a few families asked for certifications, after teachers were saying outrageous comments in classrooms, the Director Ms. Versiono and Principal Ms. Lomba refused to show us the teachers certificate. Then a few months later all the parents received a letter stating their children would NOT be welcomed back the coming academic year, regardless of honor roll status, excellent behavior and grades. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SCHOOL!!!!

  • N Santana says:

    The Episcopal Cathedral School is an excellent add to the list. I was very surprised not to see it on the original list.
    Academics at its finest.

  • Mary Ann Pagan says:

    CEDIN part of Interamerican University Metropolitan campus is practically new but have great curriculum, variety of elective courses, billingual, offers other languages. Its one of the bests right now. From maternal – 12th grade. Offers many things other private nor public schools offer and accesible tuition fee.

  • C says:

    Bayamón Military Academy,

  • Colegio Congregación Mita in San Juan. The best option for your kids. High Education, Robotics, Idioms, Technology and a lower price for month. The teachers are very prepare. Is a big educational expirience!!!

    Info: 787-759-8365

  • Esther says:

    Colegio Congregacion Mita el mejor del mundo.

  • Colegio Católico Notre Dame was found in 1916 not 1976. Is the first school with an international accreditation by Advanced.

  • IVF says:

    Me pueden informar sobre la calidad de Carvin School? Gracias

  • Marie Valentín says:

    Add Colegio Congregación Mita. It’s FBLA Program is one of the most accomplished ones in Puerto Rico and that’s a lot to say since the school is not specialized in this area. It is not certified as bilingual but it might as well be. And the fact that distinguishes this school is that it doesn’t only focus on Academics, they teach their students about morals and promote critical thinking.

  • Cynthia says:

    I was a teacher in Puerto Rico, and this ratio of 13 students per 1 teacher is totally incorrect!!! At least not in public schools. In the public system the ratio is 30 to 1. In the private sector 15 to 1. In addition this article is only directed to the metropolitan area. There are many excellent private schools in the west coast as well

    • Franky says:

      Noticed you mentioned good private schools in the west coast of the island. Do you mind listing some these schools?

  • Ana Morejon says:

    Colegio Bautista de Caguas is also a very good school and Colegio Espiritu Santo in the heart of Hato Rey is an excellent institution. It has been there for more than 75 years

  • Josshuam Massas says:

    Radians school (Cayey,PR) is also one of the best privates schools in Puerto Rico, they improves STEM in the curriculum and they have a good campus!

  • Juan J. Estremera says:

    Colegio Congregación Mita (located in San Juan) HAS to be on the list!! I studied and there from Pre-K all the way to my Senior year and graduated. Best private school, best teachers, best environment!! I wouldn’t trade it for any other school and I would recommend it to anyone!

  • Anonymous says:

    I would like to suggest Escuela Micael in Aguadilla and Escuela Aurora in Old San Juan. Both of them are Waldorf schools and offer an excellent alternative to main stream education.

    Mater Salvatoris is also an excellent school in the metro area.

  • Mariam Vega says:

    Colegio Adianez

    Best school in the metropolitan area. With an excellent English program. Impressive, caring and creative teachers.

  • Mas Integrated School MASIS in Anasco, has bilingual curriculum and is acredited by AdvancEd.

  • Anonimo says:

    Academia Inmaculada de Mayaguez. Miren los resultados otorgados por el Middle School.

  • Esther Caro says:

    I dont know what list are these people reading. Many of the schools they mentioned are in the list. In Aguada there is a lovely small alernative school called Semillas para una nueva humanidad. A wonderful school for children that love nature, freedom, discipline, friendship, healthy habits and learning in an alernative way, the waldorf way. And, by the way, my children are Seso and AIC alumni, and I am an AIC alumni myself. Proud to be a boricua.

  • Sol says:


  • Lopez says:

    You should consider to add Leadership Christian Academy (aka LCA) which is located in Güaynabo.
    English education
    Kindergarten- 12th
    Christian principles
    Excellent Baseball program

  • Belmari Bauer says:

    Liceo Aguadillano in Aguadilla P.R.

  • Tany says:

    Mayaguez, PR

  • Edna says:

    I’ll bet Cupeyville in education, teachers’ quality and principles. Ms. Pagan, founder and owner is one of the most ethic, correct yet fair and hard working people I’ve met in my life

  • Ilia says:

    Please add Colegio San Antonio Abad in Humacao!! It’s always been one of the top High Schools in Puerto Rico for years! Its professors are college level educators!!

  • Karmen says:

    Ninguna Montessori… Oh, well…

  • Suzanne says:

    You can add Colegio Lourdes, in Hato Rey

  • Noe says:

    Guamani Private School,in Guayama,private excellent school.

  • Colegio Espiritu Santo in Hato Rey makes a great transformation in the kids life! Great school best teachers. Champs in math for over 5 years in a row. #SomosCES #Cardenales

  • Brumi Rodriguez says:

    Colegio San José en San Germán

  • Karla says:

    Colegio San José en Caguas. Educación Integral.

  • Yvette says:

    American School in Bayamon offers an excellent English teaching education. Preschool 12th grade.

  • Maria Alexandra Del Toro says:

    Escuela Josefita Monserrate de Sellés, excellent elementary school!!! love it!!

  • Karla says:

    Lamentablemente en los Montesori los niños salen crudos en matematicas, inglés y español
    Todos los padres que he conocido han tenido que ponerlos al día en estas materias para poder entrar a un currículo de escuela tradicional.:(

  • Unpopular Opinion / The Truth says:

    El factor de que la American Military Academy esta hasta incluida en esta lista como una de las “MEJORES” escuelas privadas en P.R. me deja la impresión que obviamente se guiaron por apariencias y no historias verídicas. La AMA no es una escuela. Es una compañía, guiada por corruptos enamorados al dinero. Ellos no le interesan a los estudiantes, al menos que sea un estudiante con legado familiar en la escuela, una persona con muchísimo dinero, o una persona increíblemente talentosa en los deportes, ya que su “tradición de campeones” presenta que la American le importa más lo deportivo que lo académico, ya que como es “deportista” puede irse del salón de clase cuando le venga en gana bajo la excusa de que “va a un juego”, y los profesores no pueden hacer nada al respecto. Esta escuela trata a los profesores como basura. Aparte de que les pagan un sueldo bajo, le faltan el respeto a sus estilos de educación y a su precioso tiempo. Y si el estudiante recibe malas notas, los padres van y dicen que los maestros son a culpar por eso, no al estudiante que va y no presta atención, se toma fotos con su celular fuera, corta clases y se endroga o se pone “High”. Como punto concluyente, en esta escuela, no se aprende cosas beneficiarias al estudiante, les enseña cómo seguir órdenes del más arriba, así que en fin, me parece que la escuela esta cumpliendo su propósito cuando dicen que son una escuela militar.

    Y no ha lo de la boca para afuera, ya que lo he visto y lo he vivido en carne propia por 7 años.

    • BisontesEnManada88 says:

      Como 40% de las cosas de las cual escribes son veridicas. El resto es mentira basada en pura rabia. La American Military Academy es una excelente academia. Es una escuela laica, bilingue, respetuosa, con estudiantes que promueven EXCELENCIA ACADÉMICA, HONOR, RESPETO, y CARÁCTER entre muchas otras cosas. Si va a comentar algo, hagalo con hechos y datos veridicos. Gracias.


      Si. Y los baños son limpiecitos, y la comida del comedor es exquisita, y sus estudiantes son simplemente PERFECTOS no? Por favor. “Alicia en el país de las maravillas” parece un evento histórico a comparación de lo que escribe. Si es de la clase del 88, como dice, déjeme decirle que las cosas han cambiado de aya para acá. Sabía que ahora hay hasta una corrupción para la posición del estudiante del año? Que para ser el mismo aparentemente nada más tienes que ser el presidente de un club de honor que ellos tienen? Y que para su acreditación como escuela, les enseñaron solo lo que querían que vieran? Como tu me vas a decir a mí que no son corruptos cuando su administración escoge a los más lindos, los más inteligentes, y los más cobardes para enfrentar a las acreditaciones? Y si un estudiante habla mal de algo sobre la escuela, te garantizo que la administración es capaz de hacer cualquier cosa, hasta son capaces de nombrar a esos estudiantes para perjudicarlos con su cuerpo estudiantil. Quítenle los rehenes a los estudiantes. Dejan que hablen libremente sobre lo que piensan de su escuela ahora sin ningún estilo de repercusiones, y verán como cantan más alto que “el Tweetie Bird”.

  • Arlene says:

    Please add Cupeyville School to the list. One of the top fully bilingual schools in Puerto Rico.

  • Alejandra says:

    Baldwin School !!!! Officially the 1st IB School in PR !
    Make an update 🎉🎉🎉

  • Radians School says:

    Radians School @ Cayey

  • Mariana says:

    Caribbean School in Ponce. Excellent bilingual education. Top rated.

  • Karla S. says:

    Bonneville School in Cupey is a fully bilingual school where students also have to learn a third and courth language starting in 4th grade.

  • Marisabel Babilonia says:

    CEDIN is a Laboratory private school part of Interamerican University Metropolitan campus is practically new but is already endorsed by the middle States and has a great curriculum, variety of elective courses, and clubs, billingual, offers other languages. Its one of the bests right now. From maternal – 12th grade. Offers a very accesible tuition fee.

  • Aperez says:

    Need to add Colegio San Pedro Martir in Guaynabo

  • Ivan says:

    Colegio Nuestra Señora del Perpetuo Socorro in Humacao, PR. Home of the 2016 Rookies Champion Team of NASA Land Rover Challenge. Many extracurricular activities with a religious perspective.

  • Neohelius 2008 says:

    Marista de Manati, comparte los mismos principios que Marista de Guaynabo pero el costo es mucho menor.

  • Sofía says:

    The numbers need to be revised in order to include all the yearly fees (building fees, registration, and tuition, etc). If you consider this, the numbers look quite different. For Saint John’s the yearly fees (registration, tuition and building fees) are between ~ $10,500 and $15,000, depending on the grade. San Ignacio and Parkville are very similar to Saint John’s. Robinson is ~$1,000-2,000 lower than Saint John’s and Baldwin a couple of thousand over. The yearly fees for Marista are between $6,400 and $7,200.

    It is important to consider that there are additional fees such as lunch ($4-$6/day), after-hours care (3-6pm) that can add-up really quickly.

  • Marigloria says:

    American Academy Gurabo Begginers to 12th. http://www.americanacademypr.org/

  • Zen says:

    Wondering what criteria was used to create this list. “The Best” according to whom or what? I’ve been visiting Schools over the last 6 months including many in the above list. Innovation and bilingual are loosely used in this article in items that they DO NOT APPLY. If the headline was “The MOST traditional…” it would make a little more sense. Leaving out institutions such as CROEM, CEDIN, Daskalos, Josefita… shows the article is lacking of current data.

  • Orlando Cruz says:

    Cambridge Bilingual School -Gurabo

  • Nina says:

    Additional schools not listed… I suggest adding…

    Colegio Mater Salvatoris -San Juan
    CROEM- Mayaguez
    Borinquen Billingual School- Aguadilla
    Dr. Carlos Gonzalez- Aguada

  • waleska says:

    Academia Bautista de Puerto Nuevo.

  • walks parent says:

    The article is missing WALKS WEBS Mayaguez bilingual from prek /12th .It focuses. in an active learning approach and a relaxed enviroment for kids.It is a small ,familiar school where everybody knows each other.As a parent i consider this to be an advantage

  • Nydia says:

    Colegio Ponceño located in Ponce, Puerto Rico is one of the best Private School. Founded in 1926. High percentage of his student go to prestige universities in the States. Also high percentage become professional.

  • sandra morales says:

    Col Nstra Sra de Belen!!Guaynabo the first Caholic Bilingual School founded in PR…

  • A. Ramos says:

    Academia San Ignacio de Loyola, Urb. Santa María, Rio Piedras

  • Charlane Giraud says:

    Colegio Rosa-Bell in guaynabo very good school. Also in Aguadilla are Carib, Froguel, San Carlos, Borinquen Bilingual, Interamericana Aguadilla, all very competitive an bilingual. San Sebastian Martir in San Sebastian, Inmaculada Concepcion in Mayaguez

  • ZAcevedo says:

    The UPR, Mayaguez Campus has done a survey of their top students and Orli school COLEGIO San Jose from San German, has been on the top 2 spot. I don’t know where u get the facts but you should consider revising your list and dividing it by location.

  • Radians School in Cayey is not included?! Two time Presidential Award for academic excellence recipient, the only school in PR recognized as a National School of Character, a full English school, strong STEM programa and non-traditional, progressive instruction from Pre-k through 12th grade, entire staff certified and licensed, outstanding facilities, strong agriculture program, liasoned with Politecnia and UPR in STEM related programs, and so much more… Not included?! I would like to know the criteria used to determine the selection made.

  • Moving to the West (from San Juan) says:

    Hi – our family is moving to the west in the next few months. Could someone please fill me out regarding the community life experience at SESO?
    Much appreciated

  • anonimo says:

    sajukitties academy in camuy

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