Yes, there is a Caguas Freshmart. Need directions?

freshmart caguas

Freshmart is Puerto Rico’s closest approximation of a mini Whole Foods. It’s woefully lacking if you come here expecting a Whole Foods experience, so don’t. For those of us from the U.S. who have been on the island long enough to experience culture shock, organic produce withdrawals and tears in the Ralph’s Food Warehouse isles, Freshmart is a welcome oasis of familiar and friendly brands you won’t find anywhere else in Puerto Rico.

Bulk lentils, split peas, raw oatmeal and dried fruit? Check!

Bulk honey, organic maple syrup, blue agave and date bars? Check!

Organic crackers and breakfast bars? Check!

Super expensive supplements, teas and vitamins? Yep!

After your first giddy step through Freshmart’s doors, you will experience your first disappointment: The produce section.

While this store does offer more in the way of organics than many, you won’t find a very good selection and it will cost you. Expect to pay nearly $4 for one precious, plastic-wrapped organic red pepper.

The Caguas Freshmart

caguas-freshmartMaybe it was my imagination, but it seems like the Caguas Freshmart is a little better than the one in Condado. I appreciate that they carried local produce like hydroponic lettuce, sprouts and arugula. I’m all about supporting local farms.

The Freshmart in Caguas also offers delicious local bakery items, and a very good prepared food section. You can get organic rotisserie chicken meals, vegetarian pizza, sandwiches and much more to eat in the store or take home. Don’t skip the frozen food section. This is just about the ONLY place you will find affordably-priced frozen organic veggies and a good selection of veggie burger brands.

One thing you won’t find — anywhere in Puerto Rico (except on the black market) — is organic milk. It’s actually illegal to import due to a fear of competition with local milk producers.

Why is the Caguas Freshmart store so hard to find?

Who knows? It took me about a month to find this place. The address isn’t listed on the Freshmart website, you can’t find it on Google maps if you type in “Freshmart Cauguas”…it boggles the mind.

After driving around repeatedly, I finally found the store by accident. Which is why I’m sharing the GPS coordinates here with you to save you the trouble. It really shouldn’t be so hard to find a store—Freshmart marketing people I’m talking to you!

Phone: (787) 905-7800

Address: Urb. Caguax Ave. Luis Munoz Marin KM 1.2
Caguas, Puerto Rico 00725
GPS Coordinates: 18.215491, -66.045358


What do you think of Freshmart? Share your experience below in comments and thank you for reading!

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