Finding a Nanny in Puerto Rico

Find a nanny

If you’re a family with small kids planning to relocate in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico, you’ll most likely be in need of nanny services. The kind of a nanny service you can have for your children depends pretty much on what your considerations are:

  1.  Would you need a nanny on a part-time of full-time basis?
  2. Live-in or live-out?
  3. What kind of experience would you expect her to have?
  4. What about her educational background?
  5. What kind of household tasks would you be expecting her to do?

Finding Nannies in Puerto Rico

Finding a nanny in Puerto Rico can be a challenge. There are few nanny services and many locals don’t search online for jobs. Word-of-mouth is often the best way to find a nanny. Expect your nanny search to take 2-3 times as long than it would in the U.S. and be prepared to find that many of the sites used in Puerto Rico by locals searching for jobs are in Spanish.

Personally, we found our nanny through a job post on It took several months, but we were very happy with the results and our son loves his nanny.

Nanny sources:

Clasificados Online (PR’s Craigslist)

Nanny on Call PR. Inc. (on-call babysitting and nanny service)

Viva Street Classifieds

Anunico Classifieds

Type of Nanny Jobs

Nanny jobs in Puerto Rico are varied. Most provide general child and infant care, lending support to the family and household. This way you are secure in the knowledge that your children are well cared-for and no harm comes to them. Nannies often develop loving relationships with your children and become part of the family.

Many have specialties such as newborn care specialists with extensive experience in infant care and nursing. There are also temporary nannies who provide emergency care or sick care. Their assignments could run from a few hours to several weeks and may include travel with the family.

The Pay Rate of Nannies

A nanny in Puerto Rico works an average of 40-60 hours a week and get paid at an hourly rate ranging from $7.25 to $20. Live-in nannies who receive room and board would generally earn per week something like $300 to $800. They should, at the very least be paid the minimum wage rate per hour for each hour they work within the week.

Starting the Search

Parents can start their nanny search by posting a help wanted ads and internet classified ads. Ask friends, people you work and stop by local child care businesses for referrals. Ask other expats whose nanny or babysitter may have a relative who’d be interested in such a job.

There are placement agencies listed above whose job is to match nanny skills and qualifications with the needs of a family in search of in-home child care.

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