How to Ship a Car to Puerto Rico

It’s not surprising to learn that when people visit Puerto Rico, they easily fall in love with this beautiful Caribbean island. There’s very little not to like in Puerto Rico. It’s a territory of the United States and except for its Spanish culture, there are many similarities to the US lifestyle. That makes it easy, convenient and practical if you’re used to the American way of life—with the added bonus of feeling like you are in another country. It’s a tropical paradise with miles and miles of sandy beaches and soft-to-the-eyes, gorgeous green mountains. Its capital, San Juan and most of the big cities offer many amenities—even if they may take a little bit longer.

If you’re thinking of buying a house in Puerto Rico, settling down as newlyweds, starting a business or have simply decided to quietly and comfortably retire in this lovely place …who can blame you?

It makes practical sense to learn a thing or two about this island, especially about how to ship a car and the cost to ship a car.

Shipping Cars to Puerto Rico

When you’re thinking of bringing in big household items to Puerto Rico like furniture and cars, take a second look. Due to arbitrary taxes, and the hassle of dealing with a bureaucratic and lengthy system, it may be better to buy a car than ship a car to Puerto Rico.

As in shipping anything to Puerto Rico, shipping costs vary depending on size and weight. Shipments are usually quoted by the palette, square feet and/or weight. In other words, it largely depends on the bulk of your shipment. A large shipment could be expensive but isn’t usually more than traditional US rates. To find out the cost specifics, you’ll need to check with the local marine cargo outfit or an authorized company in the trucking business. From them you can also learn the schedules. On the average, to ship a car to Puerto Rico will take 7 to 14 days if the request for shipment has been made a week or two in advance.

Once your car arrives in Puerto Rico, you will be charged an excise tax. For an estimate, you can call the Office of Excise Taxes (787) 721-6237.  If you don’t speak Spanish, have someone who does make the call for you, or ask for an English-speaking representative. They’ll give you an estimate of excise tax you’ll have to pay to bring in your car. Information as to the car’s make, model, year, number of doors and whether it’s automatic or manual will be required. Be aware that this estimate is subject to change once the car arrives in Puerto Rico, and you can’t get your car unless you pay the fee.

License Plates

License sticker renewal is done yearly. It’ll cost you an annual fee of $35 for no-fault insurance and for the annual registration itself, the fee is $65.

Should you need further information, check out Departamento de Transportacion Y Obras Publicos of Puerto Rico

Happy driving!

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