Setting up Internet and Cable

Internet Providers

Setting up Internet and Cable

One of the biggest questions you’re faced with when moving to Puerto Rico is setting up internet and cable. The good news is that there are several cable and internet service providers to choose from, and the best suited for you will depend on where you live on the island. The most common choices for cable internet are Choice Cable, AeroNet and Liberty Cablevision, but DSL can be had anywhere on in Puerto Rico and is provided by the DSL division (Claro Net) of the PRT (Puerto Rico Telephone company).

Internet and Cable Companies

Liberty Cablevision – serving the San Juan metropolitan area as well as eastern and north central Puerto Rico, Liberty Cablevision offers unlimited data download and speeds of up to 60Mbps. Liberty cable Puerto Rico acquired major cable high speed internet communications provider OneLink to become the biggest cable operator on the island. The service based on customer reviews is fairly good, but may expect some downtime, which is the case with any ISP.

Contacting Liberty can be trying at times, especially so for English speakers. Expect multiple transfers, dropped calls and long waits.

Claro (DSL) – the main DSL provider in Puerto Rico, Claro offers unlimited data downloads and speeds of up to 50 Mbps. Their internet is connected via phone line or ADSL and is probably the best choice if you live in the mountainous or interior parts of the island. According to user reviews, Claro offers consistent service for the most part, but speed may get slower towards evenings and peak times.

As with Liberty, Claro customer service over the phone is notoriously bad. Expect multiple transfers, dropped calls and long wait times.

Choice Cable – with three internet speeds to choose from – 12, 20 and 50 Mbps, the prices Choice Cable offers are pretty reasonable compared to other cable internet service providers in Puerto Rico. They serve the Western, Southern and Northwestern slices of Puerto Rico so if you live in these areas, Choice Cable is a choice to consider.

AeroNet – offering up to 100 Mbps, AeroNet offers broadband internet services based on the latest microwave technology. Their services are geared towards residential as well as business so prices may be on the higher end. But according to user reviews, customer service is exceptional and is a reliable ISP to consider.

Backup Providers — if your business is dependent on having a constant Internet connection, it’s advisable to have multiple accounts so you can switch between providers should one go down. A backup option that is very reliable is using a mobile hotspot through your cell phone service provider.

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