Moving with Kids

Moving with Kids to Puerto Rico

If you’re planning on moving with kids to Puerto Rico,  you will be faced with a lot of questions. Moving can be traumatic. It can also be an adventure! We help this post will assist you in making the jump toward making Puerto Rico your new home a little easier. 

Do your Research — Visit Puerto Rico with or without your family to explore different neighborhoods and schools. Find out if communities have facilities to accommodate your families  medical, educational and recreational needs. Visit these links for more information: 

Research online groups before you move to make connections and get recommendations. You will find word-of-mouth information to be the easiest way to find information. Some recommended places to start:

Involve Everyone in the Decision — kids usually have no say in your decision to move and feel powerless. It is important to involve them in as much as you can to make them feel more comfortable. They generally aren’t thrilled about such an event for several reasons, but there are a few things you can do to make the transition easier and comfortable for them. Focus on the positives a move will bring. 

Have a Family Meeting – regardless of whether you’re moving for business or pleasure, tell your kids about it, and involve the whole family. Discuss how a move will impact them for the better. This is also the right time to encourage them to express any concerns they may have, and maybe a great time to share your first moving experience. Ensure them that they will be able to keep in touch with current friends and family and even encourage visits to Puerto Rico.  

Make a Family Wishlist – making this type of list is a great way to get everyone involved on some of the things you may want for and in your new home. This may include but not limited to a bigger backyard, a pool and separate rooms among others. Adding to this, it may be a good idea to house hunt together, and let them pick out their own living spaces.

Clean the Clutter – there will most likely be a ton of things around your old home that you’re probably never going to use or need. Involve your kids in cleaning out the clutter. It is good to keep things that are memorable to you, but save old clothes and toys for the toss pile. Create excitement and anticipation by promising some new things after the move. 

Have a Garage Sale – once you’ve separated the clutter, organize a moving sale for the items. Get your kids involved in the sale and let them know where the proceeds would be spent, hopefully on something the entire family can enjoy.

Host a See you Soon Party – one of the hardest things for kids when moving is saying goodbye to their friends so reduce this anxiety by having a get together party with some of their closest friends. Take several photos of your kids along with their friends, and encourage them to share their information in order to stay in touch. 

We hope this helps you in organizing your move to Puerto Rico with children. Please visit our Moving Guide for a wealth of information on making the move to Puerto Rico


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