Our Visit to the San Sebastian | Sanse Festival in Pictures

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This year was our first visit to The San Sebastian Street Festival, also known as Sanse. Since it was our first time, and we were told all sorts of horror stories about the crowds, and the drunk people and other—not so pleasant—sights, sounds and smells, we decided to take it easy on ourselves.

Sanse old san juan

We braved Sanse during the daylight hours on Friday this year.  We aren’t teenagers. Getting wasted in a sweaty crowd in an unfamiliar city just isn’t our thing.



The San Sabastian Festival on a cool day in the morning is delightful. We arrived at around 10am when the vendors were just setting up and were greeted by clean streets and not very many people. As the day progressed, the streets slowly began to fill.

Iguana Old san juan

There was this iguana guy…

Sanse Festival


We were able to listen to some music by local street musicians and watch people perform spontaneous versions of The Electric Slide.

dancing sanse

We visited some of the artisans and purchased handmade soaps and some delicious treats.

candy Old san juan

Artisans Sanse

Then we tried some of Puerto Rico’s famous street food.

pinchos sanse festival

We stopped for a leisurely lunch at St. Germaine (I highly recommend this bistro for their salads—something remarkably hard to find on the island).

Then we returned to San Sebastian for one last glimpse of the growing crowds before we returned home at around 4pm. Traffic wasn’t bad at all driving in and out of the city during these hours.  If you plan on visiting Puerto Rico and want to experience a taste of the San Sebastian Street Festival without the crowds, I highly recommend going early. It’s not to be missed!

What was your experience at Sanse? Share below!

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