How to set up Water and Sewer Services in PR

setting up water and sewage service in PR

Water and sewer services in Puerto Rico are provided by PRASA (Puerto Rico Aqueduct and Sewer Authority), which has an astoundingly extensive 2000 miles of sewage lines and an upwards of 10,000 lines of aqueducts and water mains.

The PRASA system is managed and operated the Professional Services Group and other companies such as Black & Veatch assist with planning efforts. The primary goal of PRASA is to provide safe and reliable drinking water as well as waste water services to its consumers, and currently boast the most complex systems in the world. It consists of 4000 ancillary facilities, 56 waste water and 124 water treatment plants, and account for a whopping 20,000 miles of pipe including waste water and water.

More than half of the water in PR is provided by reservoirs. There are eight major reservoirs in PR including Lago Toa Vaca (Villalba), Lago Loíza (Trujillo Alto), Lago Dos Bocas (Utuado) and Caonillas (Utuado).

Drinking water and Food Safety

Dairy products are safe to consume, milk is pasteurized and local poultry, seafood, fruits, vegetables and seafood are deemed safe to eat in Puerto Rico. The water that stems from the tap is considered safe to drink, but as an added precaution you can always add a simple filter or purifier. To give you a clear insight of the water quality in PR, it is regulated by the same EPA standards as in the US.



Some 60% of Puerto Rico’s water is lost through theft or leaking from disrepair, compared with the U.S. industry average of 12%.

Since 2007, water bills have increased at a rate of 300%, tripling over the past 6 years. Delinquency rates have been growing 25%.

Source: Could a Puerto Rico Default Hammer the $3.7 Trillion U.S. Muni Bond Market in 2014? (Forbes)

Setting up Water Service

Setting up water and sewage services is extremely easy and can be done by simply giving them PRASA a call or visiting their website. One hurdle you may face is that the website is entirely in Spanish, but good news is that there are English speaking agents available at times to assist you.

With regards to water service, it is important to check the water pressure before buying or renting a home in PR. This may be fine for some individuals, but for others may pose a problem especially in the long term. Bottom line is that water and sewer services in Puerto Rico are extremely reliable, and you won’t be faced with any issues such as shortage of water supply.

PRASA Website

Customer Service: 787.620.2482


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