The Perfect Weather of Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico weather

If you are the type who hates donning heavy clothing during the winter season, and can tolerate endless warm, humid weather with ocean breezes, you’ll love the Puerto Rico climate.

Puerto Rico is an enchanting Latin American island bounded in its southernmost part by the Caribbean Sea. Its gorgeous countryside of lush green mountains and azure ocean waters and its progressive, cosmopolitan cities are home to a gentle and friendly people. Because of its year-round pleasantly warm weather, locals usually wear light and loose cotton clothing and sandals all year. There is no need to pack a sweater unless you are exploring the mountain regions, where evenings are cool.

The Climate in Puerto Rico

This beautiful island enjoys an almost constant summer temperature of 26 degrees centigrade (80 degrees Fahrenheit). You’ll almost always find the white sand beaches filled with people in swimsuits, bikinis and leisure wear. Nighttime is informal as well and a formal suit is necessary for only in the most upscale restaurants. If you plan to be working in Puerto Rico, normal office attire is usually the best choice—although you may find office attire more colorful and laid back than many cities.

The Best Time of the Year to Go to Puerto Rico

Between December and April, like migratory birds, tourists mostly from the U.S. and Canada flock to Puerto Rico, although this may actually have something to do too with their own country’s sometimes below zero and icy climates.

If you can stand the heat, the island is beautiful between May and November, the perfect time to take advantage of lower hotel rates. There may be some rain showers, as this is the wet season, but they usually are short-lived and enjoyable. The upside is that the tourist crowd is not too big and everyday prices may just be a bit lower than during the peak tourist months. Of late, Puerto Rico has also been in the list of top favorite Spring Break destinations.

Standard Time

Puerto Rico comes alive and moves under the Atlantic Standard Time all year-round. However, it does not observe Daylight Saving Time nor Eastern Daylight Saving Time as they do in the U.S. and some other countries. This means that half of the year, during Daylight Savings Time, Puerto Rico is an hour off U.S. Atlantic Standard Time.

Taking a look at the Accuweather Puerto Rico weather map, you’ll easily discover that its pleasant, warm weather–except for a few months is pretty much constant and predictable, which serves as one of this island paradise’s strong tourist-drawing powers.